Your application to the Graduate School will be processed by the Office of Admissions, but the decision is made by the department in which you intend to study. Departments may have requirements in addition to or more stringent than those of the University, for example a higher undergraduate grade point average, specific GRE minimum scores may be specified, or GRE advanced tests. It is critical that you review the specific departmental requirements on your department's website well in advance of the application deadline. If you have program related questions, visit the department's website for specific contact information.

Additionally, not all programs accept applications for all terms. It is imperative that you visit the website for the department to which you plan to apply to find out which terms are available for admission. An application term can be changed only once before a new application and fee are required.

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Graduate Degree Program Application

Admission Resources and Additional Resources are available on the right. Be sure to see the Application Materials Checklist for International or U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident prior to applying.

Graduate Certificate Program Application

Students interested in a graduate certificate program will apply using a separate online application from a degree program. For available certificate programs and information, please visit our Programs and Degrees page.

Certificate-seeking students will have different application requirements than degree-seeking students. Check with your department about specific deadlines, application requirements, and supporting information for admission. It is in your best interest to review the specific deadlines and requirements on your department’s website before applying to ensure your application receives full consideration. Be aware that not all programs accept applications for all terms.